For a long time now our law firm has worked closely with the Czech Lawyers Union, the oldest professional lawyers´ organisation in the country, founded back at the end of the 19th century by an eminent Czech lawyer, prof. Antonín Randa. JUDr. Pavel Tuma, a member of the Union, is the first vice-president of the Czech Lawyers Union and a secretary of its board, which unites eminent Czech lawyers from all areas, regardless of their particular profession. JUDr. Tuma has received a number of legal awards, e.g. bronze and silver Antonín Randa Medals, the highest award of the Czech Lawyers Union.

Within the Czech Republic, we also cooperate with:

  • Doc. JUDr. Ladislav Soukup, Prague
  • JUDr. Jaroslav Vaněk, Havlíčkův Brod
  • Mgr. Petra Suchánková, attorney, Prague
  • Mgr. Peter Nahodil (criminal law), attorney, Prague
  • Mgr. Dita Runštuková, attorney, Prague

As a part of our international cooperation, we work with the following colleagues: 

Notaries Public:

  • JUDr. Marta Večeřová, Poděbrady 
  • Mgr. Martin Kopal, Kladno

Accountants and Tax Advisors, Audit:

  • TMS tax consulting s.r.o.
  • Consultas – Audit s.r.o.
  • Ing. Marie Pradáčová, Praha
  • AKUS s.r.o, Praha
  • BDO Czech Republic, Ing. Tomáš Krolupper,


  • Znalecký a oceňovací ústav s.r.o. 
  • Znalecká a realitní kancelář Kocourek s.r.o.


  • Právní překlady s.r.o. 


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